• March for everything


    If PKU students are allowed to organize a march inside the campus, what would they march for/against? Democracy? Anti-Japan? The so-called normal-distribution grading system? The poor services provided by many university staffs? The current campus traffic planning? All seem plausible.
    So what if PKU students march for all of these troublesome issues at the same time? One gets a march for democracy, because democracy is nothing, but anything, solves no problem, but every problem. That's pretty much how I perceive the HK march.
    Anyway, a clever central government would give more democracy to HK, I think.


  • so HK incurred another demonstration then?


    I watched the news video involving Jiang's famous and funny saying some years ago. However I approve of Dong's governing, did he/they make severe mistakes? The democracy the marchers called for is somewhat an ideaistic one. Do the citizens really need more democracy instantly? You have lived there for a period not long and not short, what's your opinion?